1. Here’s a preview of self promotional piece I’ve been working on. 


  2. One Minute of Reflection : Eggs for breakfast from Tina Mukherjee on Vimeo.

    This is what I have to look forward to every morning the crackling sound of eggs cooking.


  3. Shooting some macro video with my trusty canon 60D for this weeks vimeo weekend project. Video should be up tomorrow.

    (Source: whileyourwaiting)


  4. I’ve been in a watercolor kick lately and drawing animals. They are so hard to paint yet so much fun.




  7. Hello, My name is Tina Mukherjee. I created this blog to document what I’m currently working on and its process. I’ll also be posting random doodles and sketches I do on a daily basis here too. Its my way of keeping a tab on stuff I do.